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Melissa Wu ’99

Melissa Wu

Melissa Wu leads Education Pioneers (EP) to identify, attract, develop and inspire diverse leaders who are working to accelerate systemic change across the education sector nationwide. Wu believes that transformational leaders are required at every level of the education system, and sees EP and its 4,000+ alumni nationwide playing an important role to create excellent and equitable outcomes for all students. Previously, she worked as a partner at TNTP, where she led a two-year research effort to produce “The Irreplaceables” and scaled Insight, a teacher survey and data service used in more than 1,400 schools. Before EP and TNTP, she was a consultant at BCG and held multiple roles at The TEAK Fellowship, where she first started as a PP55 Fellow. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Tigresses in Nonprofits: Amplifying Our Impact

Saturday, October 6

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