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Margarita Rosa ’74

Margarita Rosa has more than three decades of professional experience in the nonprofit sector in executive leadership and management, program design, fundraising, governance and strategic planning. She served as executive director of the Grand Street Settlement in NYC from 1995- 2015. Recently, she advised the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, and she offers advising on management planning, leadership transitions, programs and fundraising for nonprofits. Rosa is especially adept with organizations serving underrepresented individuals, groups or communities, and those seeking to achieve or enhance inclusive diversity on staff or Board, as well as with nonprofits undergoing leadership transitions. She has been a civil rights law practitioner, government official, adjunct faculty in graduate schools of public service/public administration and law school and served on the boards of directors of nonprofit organizations. Recently, she was a trustee of Princeton University, board member of Community Service Society, Princeton AlumniCorps, and the Foundation for Child Development.


Tigresses in Nonprofits: Amplifying Our Impact

Saturday, October 6

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