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Kef Kasdin ’85

Kef Kasdin

Kef Kasdin spent the first part of her career in the for-profit sector as a senior technology executive and clean energy venture capitalist, but realized that she could have a greater impact by devoting her energies in the nonprofit world. She started volunteering with AlumniCorps in 2010, piloting and leading the expansion of the organization’s ARC Innovators program, which matches experienced professionals with impactful pro bono projects at nonprofits. She joined the AlumniCorps Board in 2012 and was named president in June 2016. In April 2017, she took over as the new executive director. With connections to over 2,000 alumni and 600 organizations, AlumniCorps (formerly known as Princeton Project 55), is a leader in building capacity and networks in the nonprofit sector. Kasdin is also board chair at Rachel’s Network, a vibrant community of women at the intersection of environmental advocacy, philanthropy and women’s leadership and created and taught “Foundations of Entrepreneurship” at Princeton, where she inspired students to launch innovations that make a difference in the world.


Tigresses in Nonprofits: Amplifying Our Impact

Saturday, October 6

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Kef Kasdin ’85, President & Executive Director, AlumniCorps


Elizabeth Lindsey *07, Executive Director, Byte Back, Inc.

Margarita Rosa ’74, Adviser/Consultant

Kathy Roth-Douquet *91, CEO, Blue Star Families

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