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Rebecca Prien ’96

Rebecca Prien ‘96 (Rama Devi) is an attorney turned artist and spiritual teacher. A life-long painter, she has practiced and studied yoga for 18 years. When she began practicing mantra and learned it was the “yoga of sound,” she asked her guru, “Is there a yoga of color?” Years later, she asked to be taught to allow the divine to run through her, into and out of her art, and create work that is a transmission in itself. Her soul yantra paintings were her answer. Derived from the traditional yogic practice of yantra, which is a visual focal point of resonance with a specific form of divine energy, her soul yantra paintings resonate the energy of an individual, group or aspect of the divine through color and composition. In working with commission clients, she has found that they are living, breathing tools of transformation, offering their owner’s insight and guidance as well as beauty.


Women in the Arts Showcase

Thursday, October 4

Please join us for the Opening Reception and Women in the Arts Showcase to hear from a select group of alumni artists and student groups, and participate in interactive/collaborative creative activities. The Opening Reception will kick off in the New South tent at 6:30 p.m., followed by various performances, displays, and activities in the tent and the Lewis Arts complex beginning at 7:30 p.m. There will also be work by visual artists on display throughout the weekend at Maclean House.

Women in the Arts Showcase Program (PDF 52KB)

Featured Artists: