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Josephine Decker ’03

Part of Time Warner’s 150 incubator, Sundance’s New Frontier Lab and one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film, Josephine Decker has been said to be ushering in a “new grammar of narrative” by The New Yorker. Her newest feature Madeline’s Madeline (currently in theaters) world premiered at Sundance 2018 where it was called a “mind-scrambling masterpiece” by Indiewire and received rave reviews from NPR, CBS, Village Voice, Hollywood Reporter and many more. Decker premiered her first two narrative features at the Berlinale Forum 2014, and her documentary work has played SXSW, Tribeca and aired on Netflix and MTV. Josephine just directed a feature film about writer Shirley Jackson starring Elisabeth Moss this summer, and her episode of HBO’s Room 104 will air this November. Her films were deeply inspired by the magical realism she studied in Latin-American Literature while at Princeton and often blend documentary and fiction. She tries to represent female sexuality in subversive ways that reveal the uniqueness of each woman’s experience. Prior to dedicating herself full-time to filmmaking, she played in an all-female accordion orchestra and did eco-oriented performance art. She has also acted in a variety of films.


Sensitivity on Screen: How to Tell Intimate Stories on Camera

Saturday, October 6


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