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Jenny Ungbha Korn ’96

Jenny Ungbha Korn is Thai American, an activist for social justice, an intersectional feminist of color from Alabama, & a member of Mensa. She was the founder of the Thai student organization at Princeton, now known as THAIgers. She serves as Vice Chair of the Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton. She is a Lifetime Member of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni & the Association of Latino Princeton Alumni. She organizes events for ABPA, ALPA, & A4P through Princeton Club Diversity, a series of monthly in-person gatherings for Princeton alumni to discuss intersectional issues. Jenny is the founder of Princeton Club Diversity, now going on 5 years in Chicago & 2 years in Boston. She is the Co-Chair of the Chicago Princeton Prize in Race Relations & on the Boston PPRR Committee.

Outside of Princeton volunteering, Jenny is a Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, where she researches intersectionality. An award-winning author with numerous publications, Jenny has given 100+ talks as invited keynote presentations, university guest lectures, interactive community education, & refereed conference presentations. As a public scholar, she has been quoted in interviews with CNN, NPR, SXSW, & more.


Personal Identity in an Intersectional World

Saturday, October 6

A diverse panel reflects on the challenges that women face when they also represent one or several stigmatized minorities.

Pre-read: “Teatime in Darjeeling” by Ann Tashi Slater ’84

Moderator: Tina Madison White ’82, Executive Director, Blue Ridge Pride Center, Inc.


Christina Chica ’15, Doctoral Student in Sociology, UCLA

Morgan Jerkins ’14, Author

Jenny Korn ’96, Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University

Ann Tashi Slater ’84, Author and Professor, Japan Women’s University