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Azza Cohen ’16

Azza Cohen

Azza Cohen began making documentary films her first year at Princeton and hasn’t stopped since. Currently at CreativeChaos vmg, she is directing her first feature film, “A Farewell to Arms,” a documentary which investigates the political stalemate in Israel and Palestine through the stories of conflict negotiators. Cohen’s first film, “Refugee, Refugee,” a day in the life of a Rwandan refugee in New Jersey, was used as part of the film subject’s successful application for asylum status. This experience highlighted for her how films can catalyze change on personal and political levels. At Princeton, Cohen wrote an opinion column for The Daily Princetonian, directed The Vagina Monologues and participated actively in the Pace Center for Civic Engagement. After Princeton, she earned an M.A. in colonial history from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Cohen currently serves on the University Board of Trustees.


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Saturday, October 6


Azza Cohen ’16, Documentary Director


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