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Consider supporting Tiger Threads by donating gently worn business professional and business casual clothing at She Roars. Initiated by Career Services, Tiger Threads helps provide clothing for undergraduate and graduate students who need access to quality clothing for interviews. Items in need include women’s and men’s clothing, accessories and shoes. Please bring all items to Maclean House during the conference.

Tiger Threads FAQs:

What is the Tiger Threads program and how will be clothes be used?

Career Services launched the Tiger Threads program during the 2016-17 academic year to help eliminate a potential barrier to participation in career-related events by providing access to quality business attire for students in need. The program is comprised of the three components:

  • The Closet clothes lending program where students can borrow clothes for professional events
  • A series of Dress for Success workshops
  • A Pop-up Shop professional attire giveaway event held during the spring semester. Career Services partners with the Office of Community and Regional Affairs to stock the Pop-up Shop with lightly worn, high-quality professional clothes donated by the Princeton community.
How can I donate more clothes?

Donations can be sent to or dropped off at Career Services at 36 University Place Suite 200 Princeton, NJ 08544. We’d be glad to discuss specific questions about donations.

In what other ways can I get involved?
  • Volunteers are welcome to host workshops, share video and written testimonials and participate in professional and career programming.
  • Financial support for dry cleaning, clothes storage and purchasing additional items for the closet to ensure enough options for students who need clothes.
Who do I contact about any additional questions?

Rachel Jimenez at rjim@princeton.edu or Matt Frawley at mfrawley@princeton.edu.

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